Dual Income Business

July 2, 2018

BY Discount Lockout LLC

  Today we will be continuing a short description of our overall business plan. Once you have a better understanding of what you will be doing then we will get into more detail and I will train you in every aspect of the business in my later blogs. Really there are two sides to the business and you will have two streams of revenue. They are the Roadside Assistance portion and the emergency locksmith portion. You can choose to do only one side and still make good money or you can choose to do both. I myself chose both so I could have dual income coming in. I will explain the differences below

Part 1 of the business - Roadside Assistance - customers that are covered by insurance

  This should be the first route you take because there is no advertising needed, you can get your phone ringing and have the capital for the other side of the business. I will be providing a very VERY valuable list of Insurances and motor clubs that you will be partnering with, this list is priceless because other service providers in the industry try to keep it a secret so they have as little competition as possible. The just of it is this, you will be a 1099 independent contractor and you will agree to a set contracted rate that you will receive per job completed. You will not need to collect any money from the member at the time of the job but the insurance company will pay you via direct deposit each week. These jobs depending on your contracted rates will pay anywhere from $25.00 to $35.00 per call plus $1.50 per mile that you drive if it's over 10 miles ( my next post will be on subcontracting 1099 workers to run these calls for you )

** Note that this is just a brief rundown of the business and I will get into deep detail about each portion in later post **

Part 2 of the business - Emergency Lockout Service - customers that are not covered by insurance
  This portion of the business is where the real money is made but you will need to advertise yourself. These unlock jobs that you land will be from your efforts. I like to call them "cash calls" The pay for these jobs are a lot better than the roadside portion and you can charge anywhere from $60 to $150 per vehicle unlock. I will also Train you on house lockouts and you can generally charge more for these because they take more skill to perform. So now that you have a general idea of how things work I will break down each section into fine detail throughout my blog. We will be doing a lot of training with how to videos attached, from the business side to the actual labor you or your drivers will be performing.