LLC VS DBA Yourself

July 7, 2018

By Discount Lockout LLC

One more quick post before we go into getting your team together and its about doing business as yourself under your name VS getting an LLC. Now, whenever you apply for these contracts there will be a place that says DBA which stands for doing business as. You can choose to put your name / social and be doing business as yourself or you can go get an LLC and put your business name / EIN instead of you're social. I personally did not have very much money to start with so I chose at the beginning to do business as myself and once I saw that I was making money at it I then switched to an LLC. Its always better to get the LLC that way no one can come after you personally but if your funds are tight then just doing business as yourself is always an option as well. For more info on getting an LLC in your state, you will need to research that on your own and maybe check out legal zoom.