Recruiting Independent Contractors

July 10, 2018

BY Discount Lockout LLC

  Good evening ladies and gents! Let's keep things moving and get ready for the phone to ring! Now I may have a funny picture up of this worker but I'm a firm believer that it's all about the people that you recruit on your team. Finding a quality 1099 worker that has experience in roadside is KEY! Now I have trained people from the ground up on this but it is much easier to find someone who already has the experience and believe they are out there so don't settle. I will show you an example of an ad that I made to hire on the right drivers and my inbox was flooded! I then weeded out the wannabes and found myself some all-stars that are the face of my business. Remember these will be the guys on the front line servicing the customers every day so choose wisely!

SIDE NOTE - Roadside does NOT limit you to 1 single city or state. I have drivers in Arizona, California, Washington, and Dallas! You can do the same!


light duty roadside assistance Tech

compensation: $20 per call completed $300 - $500 per week average


We provide fast and friendly light duty emergency roadside service to stranded motorists. Our customers come to us from all major motor clubs and insurance companies. Our call volume is steady and continuously increasing.

We are now offering the following services in Palmdale / Lancaster:

● Tire Changes
● Lock-Outs
● Fuel Deliveries
● Jump Starts

Ideal Candidate Should Be:

● Friendly
● Reliable
● Flexible
● Punctual
● Must Provide Weekend Availability

Ideal Candidate Must Have:
● A reliable fuel efficient car, pickup, or SUV
● Valid driver license
● Valid personal auto insurance
● Smartphone
● Tools to perform the specific tasks ( we will train on auto lockouts)

1. Experience.
2. Service vehicle. Valid License. Current registration and insurance.
3. Tools
4. Smartphone
5. Bank account/Prepaid debit card

Job description:
1. 24/7 On call Roadside Assistance (20 mile radius) $20 per call completed
2. Immediate response.
3. excellent customer service.

Apply: us your name, City you live in and phone number
2. Have photo of your driver's license ready.
3. A company Rep will respond back