Stay At Home Dispatcher

July 3, 2018

BY Discount Lockout LLC

Alright, now that we have the sections of the business split up we will drive into the world of roadside assistance and then later dump some gasoline on the emergency unlock service portion of it. 

Let's start with all you moms and dads out there that are just interested in working from home because you're just to busy to learn a new trade and would like to be the brains behind the brawn.  While to is always good to get out in the field to truly know your business, it is still possible to make money at this without getting out there and that's by becoming a dispatcher from home!

So let's assume I have already given you my special list of companies that you will be contracted with, you fill out all the applications and are awaiting approval. The very next thing you're going to want to do is hired the right people! Now when I say "hire" remember you are now a 1099 independent contractor and you are only paid per job completed. So what your going to do is SUB-SUB contract some HELP. You are not actually hiring them but you are contracting out the jobs to them.  Except all of the money goes through you and you pay them a cut every week AFTER you are already paid. ( you will be mailing them a 1099 form at the end of each year ) Yes, your a middleman so embrace it and own it.

** Reminder, the jobs your driver will be performing are Light duty tire changes, jump starts, fuel delivery and vehicle lockouts **

  Next, you will recruit people that have roadside assistance experience and preferably have their own tools. Believe me, there are plenty of 1099 workers out there that will hop all over this GIG. I say gig because again you are not actually hiring them, nor can you fire them. If they do not end up being a good fit then you simply stop giving them jobs, it's that easy.  Once you are done reading my entire blog you will know every knick and cranny of this business model and then can make an educated desition if you want to pursue it. But until then keep reading and I will dive into getting the right people on your team. Its all about the people......people